Les drailles du dolmen trail
Les drailles du dolmen trail

Les drailles du dolmen trail

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Set off to explore the Plateau des Grads with its “lapis” or weathered limestone and vegetation of oaks and box.

Tracks, technical single tracks, smooth paths and a circuit on the edge of the plateau punctuate this trail that takes you to Saint-Alban-Auriolles.



P – From the car park (Eau), cross the road and go straight on. Follow the special trail signs (red circuit) Trail.

  1. 2nd bend, leave the road and take the trail.
  2. Opposite, take the road towards Lauzette/Saint-Alban.
  3. Lauzette, follow Saint-Alban.
  4. Falaise de Nuel, follow Bourbouillet/Chandolas.
  5. Ventalon, follow Saint-Alban.
  6. Crossroads, you can make a detour to see the “dolmen du calvaire”. Otherwise continue towards Saint-Alban.
  7. Rue du château, follow Bourbouillet/Chandolas.
  8. Combe du Merle, follow Bourbouillet/Chandolas.
  9. Crossroads, follow Bourbouillet/Chandolas.
  10. Bourbouillet, follow Lablachère.
  11. Signs, follow the signs (PR) on the ground.
  12. Continue left.
  13. Right, towards Bouchard.
  14. Stay on the road towards Jean Monnet Plaine de Mures.
  15. Left, take the path towards Jean Monnet/Joyeuse.
  16. Go down along the path below the fence towards Joyeuse to return to the car park.
  • Departure : Car-pool car park, Joyeuse cemetery
  • Arrival : Car-pool car park, Joyeuse cemetery

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Information desks

Office de tourisme des Cévennes d'Ardèche

Joyeuse/Les Vans



+33 (0)4 75 37 24 48


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Access and parking

From Les Vans (15 km) reach Joyeuse via the D104a.

Parking :

Car-pool car park, Joyeuse cemetery